On May 4th, 2011 I will be heading off on an exciting 1-year trek across Central & South America. I will be carrying two fishing rods in my backpack - one spin casting & one fly rod. Join my adventure as I search for each country's best fishing spots, learn local techniques, and show you how to get in on the action. Rainbow Bass fishing in Nicaragua, Machaca in Costa Rica, and Peacock Bass in Guyana are only a few of the adventures on the itinerary.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

When does pike season open in Toronto?

Thankful for the comments left after my last post, I now know that pike season is actually closed until the second Saturday in May. I was under the false impression that pike fishing is open year-round from the lake up to highway 2 - this is NOT true. These great comments lead me to review the 2011 regulations on the Ministry of  Natural Resources website - something that I should have done, just to be certain. It turns out that pike is open in the spring but closes on March 31st for a short window. The season reopens this year on May 14th and remains open until the last day of the year (Saturday, December 31st).

So if you are wondering when pike season is open in Toronto, now you know. I will not have the opportunity to do any pike fishing this year as I am only days away from leaving Canada for an adventure across Central and South America. Naturally, I will be walking with my rods and I will be updating this blog with all of the amazing adventure fishing opportunities that I find.

Thanks again for the comments.


  1. Hello Joel,

    What kind of fishing can be done in the summer? I know that October-November is best for Salmon. But, if I took my canoe out into the blue & casted deep, would there be any luck?


  2. Thanks for sharing the information about the pike season in Toronto. I am looking forward to get information on fishing opportunities.

  3. Where we can fish in April? I live in Toronto and I can travil up to 100KM.


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