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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Scarborough Bluffs Fishing Update - Tons of Pike at Bluffers Park

I had the chance to hit the Scarborough Bluffs (Bluffer's Park) this weekend for an hour of casting. I will start by saying that I didn't catch a single fish during the hour - hopefully this isn't a reflection of my fishing ability.  With that being said, there are tons of fish swimming about the marina. I have been fishing at the Bluffs for about four years now and this is the first time that I have seen so many pike cruising the waters (sometimes in groups of three or four). For some reason, the pike would slowly follow my clouser minnow but lose interest after a brief chase. Any idea why they aren't taking the fly? I figure it has something to do with the water temperature and the fact that they are still in lethargic mode. If I have the opportunity to go back in the next day or two, I will try another presentation - perhaps the faithful spinner bait.

If you considering fishing at the Scarborough Bluffs (real urban fishing), but you don't know how to get there or where to fish, see my previous post on "Where to fish at the Scarborough bluffs". I used my GoPro camera to make a short video of the drive down to the marina and I will be posting it in the next day or two. Stay tuned for more updates and please leave a comment if you have had any recent success.

Ah - one last thing. I did spot a beautiful 10-12 lb pike from the bridge. Obviously I didn't catch him or I would have posted big picture with me smiling happier than a pig in s@*t! Maybe you will be the lucky one.

Tight Lines. 


  1. You probably dont care that Pike are Spawning and the season is closed.

  2. Hi Brother: Leave the pike alone till the season opens. Sont stress them this is a very important time for them.

  3. When does the pike season open in the Toronto area? When do they finish laying there eggs ? I hope people don;t hurt them while they are in this stage. They are the coolest type of fresh water fish. Fun to catch them.. My wife and I caught 2 at bluffers last summer. 3 to 4 ponders in the thick weeds using a MOSS BOSS frog profile lure.

  4. Thanks for your comments about the pike spawning season. I thought that pike was open year-round in the lake and up to highway 2. However, after reading your comments, I checked out the regulations and it actually closed on March 31st. So yep - I fished out of season - something that I try to avoid at all costs. Rick, the season reopens on the 2nd Saturday in May. Unfortunately, I will not be able to do any pike fishing for the rest of the year since I am 19 days for a 1-year trek across Central and South America - Naturally, I will be fishing the entire way.

    Thanks for keeping me honest with the pike season closure.

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  6. Tons of pike. Hmm, sounds amazing and a rare case. Thanks for the sharing, i enjoyed reading it.

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