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Monday, July 26, 2010

Exclusive Fishtalker interview with Mariko Izumi

Exclusive Fishtalker interview with Mariko Izumi host of WFN’s “Hookin’ Up” – Coming Soon

Mariko is in our opinion “THE female face of fishing”. More than just a bright smile and a member of one Canada’s most decorated fishing families, she’s the host of her very own travel/fishing show on WFN. Luckily, she will take a minute out of her busy travel schedule to Hook Up with Fishtalker for an exclusive interview. Whether you already follow her on the tube or you just want to learn a bit more about Mariko, check back to see what she has to share with us.

Quick facts about Mariko Izumi:
  • Queen’s University & Humber College graduate
  • Originally from Ancaster (a small town outside of Toronto)
  • Host and associate producer of WFN’s “Hookin’ Up”
  • Daughter of pro angler Wayne Izumi; niece of fishing legend Bob Izumi

Mariko's Fishing Favorites:
  • Favorite places to fish - Langara Fishing Lodge in British Columbia and Los Suenos Resort and Marina in Costa Rica
  • Favorite fishing partners - mom and dad
  • Favorite type of fishing - saltwater fishing for dorado (mahi-mahi) and salmon
  • Most memorable catch - when she was about eight, catching a large mouth bass behind the hotel in Orillia, ONT where her dad and bob were fishing a tournament
  • Favorite fish to eat - red snapper and salmon
Be sure to check out http://www.wfn.tv/hookinup/index.php for more on Hookin’ Up


  1. Hi Mariko....Before getting started, I'd first like to tell you that I truly enjoy your television show. It's very light-hearted, rather than your typical fishing shows.
    Mariko, there is kind of a amusing antidote that I would like to share with both you and as well to your listeners. It's on the kind of bait that I've found to be extremely successful in catching rainbow trout. I recently went to Nanaimo, B.C., to visit a friend, where I went fishing with him. What I use is corn, cheese, oatmeal, and marshmallows. It's all combined, sort of like you're making a shush-kabob. The fish go wild, and they just go for it. The weight of the rainbow trout are from around 5-10 lbs. By the way, it's caught in the Nanaimo River.
    There is one other thing that I'd like to share with you, and that't the incredible size of the salmon and halibut that can be caught around here (at least about a 1 hr. drive from where I was). Salmon's come in at around 25 lb, while the halibut are really like horses. They weigh like 400+ lb., which is over 3x as much as what I weigh!! In fact, last summer when I was there, a halibut actually pulled me into the water!!

    That's really it for now. Take care of yourself, and keep up the great work on your television program.


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