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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Where to fish at the Scarborough Bluffs - Salmon and Trout

I have noticed that many people are interested in fishing at the Scarborough Bluffs (Bluffer’s Park) but have no idea where to fish. You many have heard rumors that you can fish for salmon and trout at the Bluffs. Well the rumors are true. Salmon and trout enter the marina in the fall (October-November) for about a month before they leave to spawn in the rivers that run into Lake Ontario. There are no exact dates when they arrive and leave so it is up to you to head down to the park to see when they are in. Most people tend to fish with spoons and a spinning rod, drift roe bags/minnows, or float fish with marshmallows. Typically I fish with inline spinners like a #3 Vibrax from Blue Fox or a Mepps Aguila. What I can say is that no one method is necessarily better than the other. Some people are better at drifting while others are superstars with casting a William’s Wobbler. My advice is to try whatever you are accustomed to fishing with.

This year I will be experimenting with my new Sage fly-rod that I purchased from Wilson’s Fly Fishing Shop on Queen Street. I have started to tie my own flies and I am sure that I will have some success once I figure out what patterns the trout and salmon are taking. My only challenge will be finding enough space once the regular anglers flock to the shores when the fish show up.

So the question is “where to fish at the Scarborough Bluffs?” I have included a map of the marina and four spots that you can try this fall. All I ask is that you respect other anglers if they are already fishing in these spots when you arrive. There is nothing more frustrating to an angler than having other anglers casting their lures right where they were fishing first. It is an unwritten rule to give anglers their space and try another spot if a spot is already being fished.

CLICK HERE for a detailed map with 4 fishing spots

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