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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scarborough Bluffs Fishing Update - Is it time to fish?

Thinking of going to fish at the Scarborough Bluffs? Great idea - but you may want to give Mother Nature another week or two to work her magic. I took a quick trip down to the marina this morning to gauge when I will be able to get a line in the water.

A thin sheet of ice at the Scarborough Bluffs

Good news - The ice is thawing and constant crackling noises can be heard while standing near the shoreline. Below the bridge near the entrance of the Bluffers Park Yacht Club is a popular spot for spring and fall trout fishing. Luckily this happens to be the spot where most of the melting is occurring. On both sides of the bridge there is about 60-100 feet of water where you can cast or set a floating line. I didn't see any fish running under the bridge but one thing I have learned is that you never know what to expect when fishing at the Bluffs. Since I am severely 'allergic' to the cold, I will wait for the next wave of warm weather before heading down with my fly-rod. Although most people go to the Bluffs for trout in the spring, many toothy northern pike troll the shorelines looking for an easy meal. Last year I had a lot of luck using clouser minnow flies.

Don't know where to fish at the Scarborough Bluffs? Read this post and click on the map to see four great spots. READ POST


  1. Are you allowed to fish for pike this time of year? Nice Pictures thanks for the fishing info

  2. So the answer is no - you are not allowed to fish pike until the 2nd Saturday in May. Luckily the comments lead me to check the regulations. I am happy that I didn't mess with the spawning process or get ticketed for fishing out of season.

  3. Cool Joel: Better to let the pike do there thing. They dont bite much during the spawn anyway.

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