On May 4th, 2011 I will be heading off on an exciting 1-year trek across Central & South America. I will be carrying two fishing rods in my backpack - one spin casting & one fly rod. Join my adventure as I search for each country's best fishing spots, learn local techniques, and show you how to get in on the action. Rainbow Bass fishing in Nicaragua, Machaca in Costa Rica, and Peacock Bass in Guyana are only a few of the adventures on the itinerary.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Northern Sky - The brightest rainbows

On the long drive up north to fish lake Temiskaming (somewhere between Muskoka and North Bay) the clouds rolled in and took over the clear sky. Within minutes the rain came down and it came down hard. Justin was driving and I was sitting looking ahead of us at the heavy drops pounding against the windshield. I was so focused on the sky and the rain in front of us that I forgot to fully close my window. The rain started to come in and Justin said "You better put the window up".

The clouds roll in - view from the front seat

I snapped out of the spell that I was under, looked to my right and froze once again. This time what I saw was absolutely unbelievable. It was almost like someone had hand painted the brightest rainbow we had ever seen right into the clouds. As a matter of fact if there were ever a bucket of gold coins at the end of a rainbow, this would have been that rainbow.

 The Brightest Rainbow - Or should I say rainbows (a second one above)

With the rain pelting into the window, I took out my camera to try to capture this thing of beauty. Unfortunately, even out in the middle of nowhere people need electricity so lamp posts and wires were hard to avoid when taking pictures out of the speeding car. If you ever have the opportunity to make the drive up north, keep your eyes peeled on the road and the sky because you never can predict what's around the next turn.

 Hand-painted in the sky

Now that you have all enjoyed this rainbow/double rainbow, check out this video that's sure to make you laugh out loud: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQSNhk5ICTI

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